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Navarro Cabanes street, number 6-first floor-door2

Valencia 46018


While pandemia solving the problems of clients personally in Administrative or Government offices when it is required electronically, personally or by phone.

I have restricted personal visits.


E-mail       marla[at]  



(1)to give more capacity to my inbox, I have created a second email marlabojorge[at] Both are valid, mine and I read them.

(2) the servers of my domain are european protected by european data protection.



Telephone: +34 96 105 9311



Mailing & Packs

P.O. boxMarlaBojorgeAbogadomarca

Apartado Postal 8087

Valencia 46080


Note: This Law Firm is independent. Bojorge & Associates means Marla Bojorge principal . Any other lawyer, person or company does not  represent it.

We charge the first appointment.

Clients, non clients who try to manipulate, defame, threaten, avoid payment will be published.

In accordance with the regulation in LOPD 15/1999 and regulation 1720/2007 we inform you that your personal data are treated in a file  inscribed  in order to maintain our relationship. You can exercise your rights to access, rectify, and cancel, to the following email address privacy[at] .You must communicate to us the right to exercise and photocopy your ID


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