Dear clients,

Please note these are hypothetical situations...If you send me your query, I am not going to publish it....

Here you are...

1. I like to stay up to date on your news, where I can find them ?

R: Only on this website , our publications and seminars or Congress.

2. Actually, I am in Spain and I would like to visit you looking for advice on my case

R: Phone ... say the reason of your call and I will contact you for an appointment.

...Or send an email explaining your issue and will answer shortly.

 3. If I make an appointment, I have to pay for it?

 R: Yes. We do not accept cash.

 4. I am not in Spain, but I would like your legal advice, is it possible?

 R: Yes

 5. As a company, Embassy , Consulate, public organization or a private organization, may I contact you or refer a client/citizen /company?

 R: Yes

 6. Currently, I am living in Spain , but I want to move to another country, do you have some colleagues in other countries?

 R: Yes.

7. I am a student, shall I have a special discount?

R: Yes.

8. We are a family, shall we have a special discount?


9. We are a company with more than 4 employees and or family members to apply for..., shall we have a discount?

R: Yes

10. Does have cookies?

R:  No

11. I am on the go, do you have any publication to help me?

R: Yes. You can find in Amazon....Easy to read it on your kindle device, smartphones and tablets.


Publication Date: June 24, 2013

This book provides an overview of the visa and work permit requirements for twenty-six countries.
Editor: Poorvi Chothani
Articles by Amit Acco, Enrique Arellano, Ted Badoux, Jacqueline R. Bart, Timur Beslangurov, Ruslan Bocancea, Marla Bojorge, Renuka Cavadini, Héctor Gabriel Celano, Poorvi Chothani, Zahida Ebrahim, Chisato Higashio, Frank S. Hong, Tsvi Kan-Tor, Catherine Lau, Gunther Mävers, Marco Mazzeschi, James Minamoto, Jacqueline Nyabwa, Russel L. Rodriguez, Sonal Sejpal, Maria Luisa Soter, Lozano A. Tan, Sithie Tiruchelvam, Karl Waheed, Jeremy A. Weber, and William F. White

12. Are you social?

R: Law is a very complicated issue, so better find my news and events navigating this site.

13. Do you recommend some services in Central America?

R: Yes, in one Country.

14. I am a potential investor (individual / company), could you help me?

R:  Yes. Firstly you should understand the immigration policy in Spain. Secondly, the general rules in Spain. Thirdly, the society.

15. Is Spain a bureaucrat country?

R: Yes

16. I am a Jewish Sephardic, are you going to explain us how to obtain  the spanish citizenship?

R: Yes. In Macao (UIA, 2013 Congress ) . Feel free to send your query..

17. I am from USA , how many months can I stay without having visa in Spain?

R: 3 months (maximum)

18.  I have a question:  I  am a foreigner and my baby was born in Spain, is he/she Spaniard automatically ?

R: As a general rule, No.

19. Is it safe to invest in Spain?

R: It should be safe. Take your time to read and understand spanish rules and look for legal advice.

20. Is it safe to purchase a property in Spain?

R: It should be safe. Be sure to read all the documentation carefully. I strongly suggest looking for legal advice before going to the local Notary  and sign.

21. I do not speak English or Spanish. I speak Chinese (Mandarin). Shall I ask you or receive your services in Chinese (Mandarin)?

R:   Yes. I will provide you a person (customer service) who helps you in chinese since the very beggining.

22. I would like to read your news/ Newsletters/ articles frequently, where I can find them?

R:  This  site , go to the publication section and news section .

23. I am a foreign student/ researcher, any useful information for us?

R:  Yes.

Surveys reveal that in order to travel from one member country to another, multiple documents are necessary.

What happens once the borders are crossed?

In the internal area of Schengen it is difficult to transit, according to a press release by the European Commission which analyzed the lack of qualified personnel in Europe for a period of at least 10 years. The intent is to attract foreign students and researchers, and as a fundamental motive of the problem it is cited that too many have to face unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles. The press release also confirms that the current rules to obtain a student visa or a residency permit are often complex and not very clear; the procedures can be long and can vary considerably among different Member States, and moving from one Member State to another can prove difficult, if not impossible.

In Spain the issuance of visas for students and researchers is already regulated. From the point of view of the European Union, there is a proposal to improve on this type of visas that will be discussed in the European Parliament and could be implemented by the year 2016.

Finally mentioning in Spain the evolution of the administration to a more electronic role and from the EU, the proposition to suppress the bureaucratic stamps for official documents that are used in another Member State of the Schengen area. And so it is mentioned that twelve categories of public documents would automatically be exempt from being required, such as apostilles and legalization.

24. Do you have any pro bono activity?

R: Yes, please check the pro bono section Subject: legal education

25. Where I can find your bio or profile Ms Marla Bojorge?

R: This website, Whos´who legal, Legalfinest premier guide to leading attorneys across the world and the magazine "The Lawyer Monthly", February 2014

26. I have a surname "listed" as Sephardic, shall I obtain the spanish citizenship?

R:  You need further documentation. Having a surname is not enough.

27. Could you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of Spain?

R:  In June 2014, in Boston.

28. I am an artist and I would like to know the immigration solutions in Spain, could you explain?

R: I will do it in Florence , Italy , the UIA 2014 Congress shortly or you can send me your query.

29. Who can vote in Spanish Elections? This is a very good question that I have received and I think it is good to publish and clarify

a)- Having a house in Spain allows me as a foreigner to vote?

Response: No, having a house in Spain does not allow to vote.

b)- Who has the right to vote in Spanish election ( Town Hall- Alcalde and Comunidad Autónoma)?

-Spaniards who are living in Spain and registered in the "censo electoral".
-Spaniards living abroad temporary or permanently.
-EU Citizen
-and since 2014....

They may apply to register on the electoral roll for the municipal elections those who, without having acquired Spanish citizenship, are citizens of countries with which Spain has established an agreement recognizing the right to vote in municipal elections to the national members referrals States in Spain and the Spaniards in those States.
The list of countries with Agreements in force on participation in the municipal elections of the nationals of each country residing in the territory of another includes Bolivia, Cape Verde, Colombia, Korea, Chile, Ecuador, Iceland, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and New Zealand.

c)- Who has the right to vote in Spanish General Elections?

Response: only Spaniards.

30. I am not interested in Spanish Citizenship, do you provide services for obtaining another citizenship?

Response: Yes, I can help to obtain a second citizenship, please ask for further information.  Please note it is not an application for obtaining US or Portuguese or any other European Country Nationality.

31. Miss Bojorge, did you receive any help or support from ICEX or  the Spanish Secretary State of Commerce?

Response:  Not at all.

32. Miss Bojorge, did you receive any help or support from any other organization in Valencia ?

Response:  Not at all.

33. Ms Bojorge, talking apart of business, talking about the refugees crises that faces Europe, what is is your opinion?

Response:  Help to stop the war in the area is needed, that is the origin of the huge immigration. The refugees are not economic migrants, they can apply for asylum according to the law, but some internal control must be done in order to keep security and peace.

34. Miss Bojorge , do you charge for publishing some job offers in your blog?

Response: No

35. Why do you charge the first appointment?

Response: Because my legal advice is immigration law and I provide solutions since the very beginning, but if you retain my services this amount is included in the fees.

36. Do you practise "co-working" or share space/expertise with other companies in the same space?

Response: NO. I do not like it at all.

37. May I work remotely with a non-lucrative visa?

Response: No. You need a work and resident permit.
If you are from USA, you can obtain iit and keep your Social Security and taxes in USA because of bilateral agreement.

38. How I can get to?

Response: Please set up and appointment to receive the details.
The GPS do not provide the correct address.

39. Does the bus /subway or taxi reach to the address easily?

Response: Yes

40. Shall I get divorced by internet with a mobile app in Spain?

Response: No.

Since 2016, You can get divorced with a Notary if you do not have children or sharing the property of a house.

It is a fast track procedure.

On the contrary, if you have children it is compulsory to do it in court.

In both cases, I strongly recommend an immigration lawyer advice if you are foreigner.

41. Miss Bojorge,  What is your general opinion about Spain?

Response:  This is a touristic country, generally speaking.

Unfortunately, it is getting older and older. It is risky.  No policy to help women frankly. No policy to help natality. Women start going to school , but their studies do not provide a job to create a family , so they don´t. The Government is not focus on natality and women. Actually, they are trying to draft a law about surrogate maternity instead of providing assisted reproduction to all women who need it and try, firstly.

42. Miss Bojorge, are you going to ask for any aid of the European Funds of Regional Develope ( FEDER) in order to internationalize.

Response:  No

43. Any spanish institution/ organization/ administration have provided you any economic support for your business trip/seminars/publications?

R: No

44. Did you have any client that have received legal advice and did not pay you ?

R: Yes.

45. Do you have spanish local clients?

R: No.

44. Do you invest in technology?

R: Since the very beginning of my legal  practice , I have invested and reinvested it in order to develope my legal practice as I like. As my vocation.

45. Do you recommend the Bank Santander?

R: Since today 14th of March, I am not going to recommend my clients this bank because of discriminatory behavior.