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Some guidelines

Please check you status and have a safe trip.

  1. If you want to spend some vacation in Spain, you do not need a visa. You can stay 90 days.
  2. If you want to stay longer than 90 days , you need a visa.
  3. If you want to study, you need a visa and resident permit.
  4. If you want to work, you need a visa and resident permit.
  5. If you stay longer than 90 days and have no visa or resident permit , you will be illegal.
  6. If you want to work or do you have a job offer, all the immigration process must be done in Spain, only when you obtain the approval you can go to pick your visa at the Spanish Embassy/Consulate in USA.
  7. All the immigration process can be done at the Spanish Embassy/Consulate in USA? No...Work Permit must be done in Spain, then you go to the Spanish Embassy/Consulate in USA.
  8. If you do not find a response to your case only reading the immigration section is normal.. This is immigration legal advice, so it is strongly recommended to explain your case. Each case is unique and personal. Send your query or set up an appointment. Happy to help you.
  9. Spain has some new immigration rules for investors, entrepreneurs, graduates, intra-company transfers, researchers,...If you need further information, send an e-mail and explain your case.

Regarding my contact details, please note my two email addresses:marlabojorge[at] and marla[at]  ...

Please note that my email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is not receiving all the emails because of its capacity. So, better send to my new email marlabojorge[at] Best regards, Marla.

If you find marla[at] is wrong typing

-US citizen and European citizen ( married couple or living together couple ) check your rights.

-US student in Spain

BOJORGE &ASSOCIATES - Point of Contact: Marla Bojorge.

IMPORTANT: Working remotely because of the pandemia. You can communicate with me as usual (by email or by phone). No personal visit at office. Nobody is allowed to provide legal assistance on my behalf at office. No associates. ( Updated 11th February 2021).
As private and individual lawyer in Spain and European Citizen , any kind of abuse or illegal behaviour to me will be reported (Check contact section red bottom line)

Address: Sorolla Center, Avenida Cortes Valencianas, 58, 5º, 522A 46015 Valencia SPAIN

Address: Navarro Cabanes st, 6 zipcode 46018-Valencia-Spain.

Marla Bojorge practises Spanish Law (from Spain) and International Law

Best regards,

Marla Marla Vanessa Bojorge Zúñiga.

Webinar , I attended.

I-House Presents: "Seeking Common Ground: The Future of U.S.-China Relations"
12th March 2021, Spain local time: 2a.m.-4a.m.

Marla Vanessa Bojorge Zuñiga, alumni International House NYC.

IHouse-US -China 12th March 2021

IHouse-US -China 12th March 2021-2

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List of clients:


(My clients are protected by me , so listed here that they has full rights in Spain and Europe)

1.- Global Merino Innovation in Sport Cloths, Textile.

2.-Hexaware Technologies Technology sector

3.-Corinda S. Wong Realtor Properties Hawaii

4.-Miguel Antonio Berry Football player USA

5.-Michael Angel Rubal Insurance and Banking (Retired)

6.-Joseph Collins McSherry Fashion & Luxury Business

7.-Shakespear Venugopalan Technology sector

8.- Belinda James CI

9.- Jose Manuel Requejo Aviation

10.-Sonia Denise Naar Insurance

11.- Amanda Ho Ming Chow Consulting

12. Navapriya Shakespear, BNP Paribas

13. David Bumpus


Regarding Immigration Office in Valencia, Montilla de Palancar some of my clients:

-Denial and restart case

-Approval for 5 years, example a teacher of an English Private School in Valencia, BUMPUS, MORRIS, MICHAEL RUBAL, Jose Fernandez...

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