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Congress and Seminars Marla Bojorge as Speaker

  • AUSTRIA: “International Business Immigration” CILS- Speaker (2007)
  • ITALY: “Representatins, Warranties and Indemnifications in M&A- Pitfalls and Best Practices for Structuring as well as Litigating and Arbitrating them” UIA-Speaker(2007)
  • UK: “Immigration Compliance Seminar, September 2008” UIA-Speaker
  • SPAIN: “Medical issues and immigration: from inadmissibility to medical tourism”IBA-Speaker (2009)
  • UK: “The current European immigration scene “This session will provide an overview of the current European immigration scene both from a European and a national context IBA-Speaker (2009) http://www.int-bar.org/conferences/conf283/binary/London%20Global%20Immigration%20programme.pdf
  • FRANCE :" Immigration and Tax Incentives for International Mobility"Fidal -VLI 3 December 2010 HÔTEL RITZ 15 place Vendôme - 75001 Paris
  • CHINA (Macau) UIA 2013 Congress..."Immigration and Nationality Law"-Citizenship issues"...
  • http://www.lawsociety.org.sg/Portals/0/EventsSeminars/pdf/UIA-Macau_Congress2013.pdf


  • SPAIN:  UIA 59th Congress in Valencia (Spain)-2015, session Friday 30,2015 " Migrant workers, Migrant entrepreneurs in Spain"


  • TURKEY: UIA Seminar in Samsun,Turkey, May 2016, session, Friday 20th May " Refugee Protection under International Legislation", Samsun Bar Association , zafer mahallesi cumhuriyet cad Nº 33 Samsun Turkey


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  • CHINA: "The 2016 International Migration Summit (IMS) in Beijing , October 26 to 28", Marla Bojorge B2B



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  • "The 20th China Chongqing International Investment and Global Sourcing Fair " June 21th-24th, Chongqing 2017 (B2B)


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  • "The 5th Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS)-Belt & Road Forum for Economic Cooperation and Trade, August 30th to September 1th, 2017 in Changchun City, Jilin Province, China"

Marla Bojorge 2017, China summit

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  • " Practice Management and Ethics in a World of Global Migration"
    Saturday, 10 February 2018 " Ethics and Practice Management-Issues in Representing Individuals from Challenging Countries Subject to Additional Scrutiny", Salzburg Austria by CILS and Global Migration Section, American Immigration Lawyers Association"

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UIA 13th Winter Seminar, "Legal Challenges in the Context of Globalization & Protectionism M&A, Corporate Law, White Collar Crimes and Dispute Resolutions- Speaker : "Financial Markets and Investor Protection through Litigation New Criminal Responsability of the Legal Person in Spain", Zermatt, 28 February 2018"

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