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OCTOBER 11th 2020:

As per new regulation regarding immigration law and consumer law  please check my book publications. You can read for free or order the book or pdf chapter.

Spain is a touristic country and the pandemic generated some new temporary regulation regarding employment  and unemployment but corporate and commercial regulations are the same.
If you need a specific response, then send your question as : " general information about Spain" in the subject of your email.

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OCTOBER 6TH, 2017: "The Council of Ministers has approved a Royal Decree (RDL) of urgent measures on the mobility of economic operators within the national territory. The rule clarifies who are the competent bodies to approve the change of corporate headquarters by the companies that so decide. The procedures are facilitated so that unless there is an express statement to the contrary by the Company's Articles of Association, the Board of Directors will be competent to approve it.

That is, an express mention of the Company's Articles of Association is required so that the board of directors is not competent to decide on the transfer of the registered office of the company

The extraordinary and urgent need for the measure is justified by the need to ensure that the principle of freedom of enterprise is fully respected and to respect the prohibition on measures to impede the freedom of establishment of economic operators, both of which are laid down in the Constitution . It responds in addition to the demand of large business sectors in the face of the difficulties that have arisen for the normal development of its activity in a part of the national territory"

The news will be published in the newsletters ( go to the publication section)  and the third edition of the book "The Global Mobility Handbook " printed and published in 2015.

Australia and Spain signed an agreement about young mobility ( September, 3th 2014)

Spanish nationality for Sephardic Jews, please read the Spanish citizenship section  .

Spanish Citizenship for Sephardic Jews BILL PASSED June, 11th 2015 . Since October 1th 2015 is valid

New rules for Immigration July, 2015 and December 2015 ( European Union citizen and family members). New rules for Spanish Citizenship by residency, November 2015

Since December 3th, 2015 Colombia does not need visa to travel for 90 days around Schengen area.

 Since March 15th, 2016 Peru does not need visa to travel for 90 days around Schengen area.

 Mortgages done in Spain years ago , new jurisprudence issued by the European Union Court, December 2016.

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